Working as comfortably with information technology as with legal vocabulary, a legal secretary is a multi-skilled professional who is charged tasked with assisting lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, corporate lawyers etc.



A legal secretary is responsible for organizing, supervising and performing administrative work. He/she reads and replies to e-mails and letters, formats legal instruments (eg. contracts, leases, reports…). He/she answers the phone, filters communications for law firm and must be keep all information strictly confidential. On request, he/she can also organize meetings as well as attend and report on same.

Skills of a Legal Secretary

Adaptability, availability, the ability to keep information confidential, being organized and analytical skills are among the qualities essential to this position. Also noteworthy is the ability to work in a legal context, especially as it relates to the writing of letters and the formatting of acts (eg. contract, minutes, order to pay, leases…).

Training required to become a Legal Secretary

An associate degree, diploma or undergraduate degree in law studies  


The average salary of a Legal Secretary is approximately 1,800 € (US$ 2,000) per month. Salaries vary by country and the person’s experience.

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